Event Planning

For Faculty & Staff

1. Sponsor Your Event
Your event must be sponsored by a department, college or unit.

Hosting a Dignitary?
Download the Dignitary Visits Process Form & Budget before inviting your guest. If you are unsure whether your guest is considered a dignitary, please review the following chart and then proceed with the process form.

2. Reserve Your Space
Please refer to the following list and then use the online form for events taking place in venues on campus in Ithaca.

For Events taking place at:

  • Weill Cornell Medical College in NYC, please be in touch with their Event Services Office.
  • The Engineering Quad in Ithaca, please use the resources found here.
  • Anabel Taylor and Sage Chapel, please contact Cornell United Religious Work at 607-255-4214.

3. Register Your Event
For all events that meet one or more of these criteria, please fill out and submit a Event Registration Form/UUP:

  • Events with food and/or alcohol.
  • Events that take place outdoors.
  • Events where money is collected (sales or fundraising).
  • Events that are held in a venue with a capacity of 200 or more people.
  • Events that may be seen as controversial and/or high risk.

4. Schedule Your Event
Go to Cornell's Events Calendar and add your event. This will ensure you are not competing with other events on the calendar as well as offer opportunities for promotion.

5. Promote Your Event
Use the University events calendar, and other Publicity Resources.

Please contact the Communications Director (pdf) of your College for further opportunities and resources for publicizing events.

Further assistance may be found by contacting either Cornell's Conference Services or the Events Management Team. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact the Vice President for University Communications at VPCommunications@cornell.edu and we will find the information you need.