Event Planning

Planning An Outdoor Event On Campus

The president approved, and the university adopted as policy a Minimal Set of Rules related to Outdoor Space, which apply to all outdoor events held on campus. They include:

  1. Only members of the Cornell community may hold or host events on Cornell-owned property. External groups must be sponsored by a member of the Cornell community and the sponsor must have a representative present during the actual event. For these purposes, appropriate Cornell sponsors are: registered student organizations, departments and units of the university, and university-sponsored organizations and offices (e.g., Dean of Faculty, Faculty Senate, University Assembly, etc.).
  2. Classes, research, scheduled events and activities, and the normal and essential operations of the university shall not be disrupted.
  3. Individuals and groups have the right to engage in protests and counter-protests. However, no one may substantially interfere with another speaker's right to be heard or the right of others to hear a speaker.
  4. Use of public address systems and amplified sound will be permitted without prior approval during the hours of 12:00pm and 1:00pm, at Ho Plaza and in front of Day Hall. Public address systems and amplified sound will be permitted in other outdoor locations only with prior approval. Approval may be obtained using the Event Registration Form.
  5. Persons may not block public rights of way or ingress and egress into and out of university buildings.
  6. No permit or registration is required for picketing, marches, rallies, and other demonstrations held on outdoor campus property. Other events are subject to event registration requirements as noted in the resources of this website, http://eventplanning.cornell.edu/
  7. The university maintains the right to define additional time, place and manner restrictions in furtherance of its educational and research mission, and to ensure the safety of the University community and its members.