Event Planning

Planning Resources

  • Parking
  • Police/Security, call Special Projects: (607) 255-7304
  • Community Relations

    The Office of Community Relations, located in 110 Day Hall (255-4908, community_relations@cornell.edu), is the principal contact for campus organizations that want to sell goods or raise funds for philanthropic purposes. The office also acts as the university's principal liaison with the city and town of Ithaca, and Tompkins County.

  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

    The University Fire Marshal reviews events for fire and life safety issues and will determine if a site-safety inspection by on-duty EH&S personnel or staffing by EH&S personnel is required. There is no cost to University organizations for EH&S site-safety inspections or event staffing.  The University Fire Marshal will also determine if event staffing by CUEMS or Bangs Ambulance is required.  Any costs associated with CUEMS or ambulance staffing are the responsibility of the organization or department sponsoring the event.  EH&S Department Staff members work with event organizers to identify fire code compliance and life safety issues, however, it is ultimately the event organizer's responsibility for making all appropriate corrections to resolve those issues.

    Event organizers are encouraged to contact the department by e-mail at ehs_uup@cornell.edu or by calling 254-1627 or 255-8200, well in advance of the event, to discuss any fire or life safety-related issues. Event organizers may be able to receive e-mail or telephone approval, but they must first fax the completed Event Registration Form/UUP form to 255-8267 attention University Fire Marshal.

    All Cornell Event Management Policies can be viewed on our website.

  • Grounds Department

    The organizers of events that utilize university grounds must gain approval for such events from the university's Grounds Department. Care must be taken to avoid disturbing the landscape, and/or creating dangerous conditions for pedestrians. Consult with the Grounds Department about setup, cleanup, or grounds-repair costs, or availability of materials like barricades, garbage cans, or fencing. The department offices are located at 307 East Palm Road, 254-1661.

  • Dining and Retail Services

    Dining and Retail Services Events involving food must gain approval from the Food Safety Administrator at Cornell Dining and Retail Services. The purpose of the review is to insure compliance with university, Tompkins County, and New York State health codes. Schedule an appointment with the Food Safety Administrator at (607) 255-7435 at least fifteen days prior to the event.

    Events involving alcohol must be reviewed for approval by the Alcohol Administrator. Each event must be reviewed to insure compliance with university policies and Tompkins County and New York State laws. Schedule an appointment with the Alcohol Administrator at (607) 255-6290 at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the event.

    If you need assistance catering an event, Cornell Dining and Retail Services offers two distinctive catering services. For casual functions, Green Gourmet, at (607) 255-7435, is an excellent choice. For more formal affairs, Cornell Catering, at (607) 255-5555, will be pleased to assist you.

  • Campus Information and Visitor Relations (CIVR)

    Campus Information and Visitor Relations (CIVR), located in the main lobby of Day Hall, is the primary source of general information for students, staff, faculty and visitors to and other guests of the Cornell community. It provides information on events, transportation, athletics, and special programs. CIVR conducts student-guided walking tours of the campus for visitors and provides specialized tours, for groups or individuals, that feature Cornell's history. You can contact the CIVR Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am &ndsash; 8:00 pm by calling (607) 254-INFO, or send e-mail to info@cornell.edu.

  • Risk Management and Insurance

    The Department of Risk Management and Insurance strives to preserve and protect the university's human, physical, and financial assets. Most registered student organizations, fraternities, and sororities are independent organizations, and as such are responsible for protecting and preserving their own human, physical, and financial assets. Failure to take steps to protect and preserve your organizations' assets may result in the officers and members being held legally responsible for any loss or injury. The department can help identify potential risks and offer advice on techniques for dealing with them. Special handouts on risk management for events are available in 520 WSH. When university property is used, this department may mandate a minimum level of event risk control and/or insurance. They can be contacted at 254-1575.

  • Transportation Services

    The Office of Transportation and Mail Services, located at 116 Maple Avenue, must be contacted regarding any event that might impact parking, bus routes, or the flow of traffic on the Cornell campus or in the surrounding communities. Such activities include road closings, events with parking needs for either visitors or members of the Cornell community, events that will bring trucks or buses to campus, and major events that include a substantial influx of traffic (i.e., concerts).

    Transportation and Mail Services can assist you in planning your event and will provide you with a brochure, "Park Your Caucus," which talks about planning an event, permit prices, and parking options. Keep in mind when planning an event that several lots on campus are restricted in the evenings during the week, and on weekends.

    Whether you are hosting one guest or hundreds, let Transportation and Mail Services help you plan for your visitors' parking needs. For more information, contact 255-4600.

  • ADA Facilities Coordinator

    Cornell University is committed to providing an accessible and welcoming working and learning environment for faculty, staff, and students, while complying with federal, state and local disability regulations. Planning events and meetings to be accessible is easy. Please see the Cornell Guide to Planning Accessible Events at http://sds.cornell.edu/Campus_Access.html for more information about making your event one in which people of all abilities can fully participate.  If you need additional help in determining how to ensure that your event is inclusive for all attendees or you need information on how to obtain specific disability accommodations, contact the ADA Facilities Coordinator at accessibility@cornell.edu or 255-5150.

  • TCAT Bus Service
  • Use of Cornell Name, Logo and Artwork